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South Australian Shark Cartilage

South Australian Shark Cartilage, a completely Australian, clean green company, 100% Australian made and owned, the natural Glucosamine for the temporary relief of arthritic pain.
The natural Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulfate formula has been specially developed to help ease pains associated with arthritis, osteoarthrits or rheumatism and to improve mobility.

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Spear & Jackson Secateurs - SJ-6160BS
The Spear & Jackson name is a world famous brand with real heritage and a very proud tradition. Combining traditional craftsmanship and leading edge technology for over 250 years. They have a wide range of products from ‎Garden Tools - ‎Hand Tools - Pneumatic Tools - ‎Masonry Tools.
Spear & Jackson have popular ranges, offering excellent performance and great value. Along with their ever popular classics which are a great long term investment - the kind of tools handed down from generation to generation, guaranteed for up to 25 years of hard work and certain to please the most discerning professional.

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Dukkah OriginalSpencer’s Dukkah.

At Spencers, they’ve travelled the four corners of the globe to bring you the most authentic of flavours.
Their traditional Dukkah is inspired by the original recipe, sold in the vibrant market places of ancient Egypt some 2000 years ago. For centuries travellers to the Middle East have dipped chunky fresh crusty bread into olive oil and shallow bowls of Dukkah and today the tradition continues.

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                                             Spring Gully Foods

From very humble beginnings in the Adelaide foothills suburb of Rostrevor, Spring Gully Foods began .Spring Gully Foods commitment to quality and the use of  only the finest quality  ingredients coupled to time honoured recipes and the development of new flavours and blends placing them at the forefront of food producers Australia wide.. 

More than 60 years on, this South Australian, fourth generation, family owned and operated company has grown and morphed into a leading manufacturer of an ever expanding range of pickles, sauces ,relishes, chutneys ,honeys, and now jams and fruit spreads. Look for Spring Gully Foods brands in supermarkets across Australia. Spring Gully Foods have built an enviable reputation with their extensive range of pickles and sauces, but their branded product is only part of the Spring Gully success story. 

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Springfield Spa

Springfield Spa is a collection of luscious, healthy, performance based bodycare products that are enriched with vital nutrients, naturally scented and vitalised with 100% pure essential oils to improve the look and health of the skin.
One of the most important steps to achieving beautiful looking skin is exfoliation with Springfield Spa Paw Paw Body Polish.
The double exfoliating action of Paw Paw extracts and micro-exfoliation beads buffs and smooths the skin, gently polishing away visible signs of aging by removing dull, lifeless cells and impurities from the surface of the skin. Leaving skin looking and feeling healthier and more receptive to vital nutrients and moisture.

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Squeezi Jams

A South Australian initiative
Squeezi Jams are designed to put fun and life into the jam category. They are so convenient and very hygienic to use, with no wastage or refrigeration. Great for the kids to use and ideal to take camping. Apart from tasting excellent, Squeezi Jams have a friendly "pop top" squeeze cap, which makes it clean and easy to use for adults and children alike.
Squeezable Squeezi Jam is available in three fresh exciting flavours, Strawberry, Raspberry and Apricot and is packed in an attractive soft 350gm bottle.

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                                                      St Dalfour’s Natural Fruit Conserves

St Dalfour the Australia: World famous 100% real fruit spreads, jams, and marmalades

Continuing the French tradition of producing fine food, St Dalfour all natural Fruit Spreads come from an old recipe handed down over generations and is made Aquitaine region of Southwest France, an area known for centuries of culinary excellence as well as the famous wines of Bordeaux.
With annual Australian sales exceeding 4 million jars, St Dalfour is Australia's favourite fruit spread. Synonymous with good taste, St Dalfour spreads do not contain any added sugar, only the natural sweetness or concentrated grape juice. There are no additives, colourings, flavourings, or preservatives, just 100% fruit, this also makes St Dalfour spreads ideal for those with special dietary requirements.

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Staedtler Ergosoft Pencils

Staedtler’s new Ergosoft Pencils are a special range with an innovative soft surface that offers comfort, encourages the correct grip and prevents fingers from slipping; these pencils are designed to make writing and drawing easy and enjoyable.
Compared to other pencils, Staedtler Ergosoft Pencils glide giving the user brilliant colour with natural ease. The kids will love and look forward 

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Star Allergy Alerts.

Star Allergy Alerts are a bright, fun range of badges, stickers and kids t-shirts developed by a South Australian Mum, to protect her own daughter diagnosed with life threatening food allergies.
This fun range helps increase awareness about your childs allergy or medical condition, they’re easy to use and certainly create awareness of the dangers of food and other allergies.

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Leading Specialists in Beautiful Affordabl Acrylic Nails.
128A UNLEY ROAD (bus stop 3 )
               UNLEY Phone 82725405
Having nice nails has always been a priority as ones hands particularly on camera holding products must look good. Nothing looks worse than someone with dirty or chipped and chewed nails.
Star fingers Unley commenced operations in the late eighties and have been doing my nails since I can’t remember.
Being a very hands on person once I started on camera they needed to look not just presentable but good at all times that was also back in the eighties so I am very qualified in suggesting if you want the best looking nails in town go to Star Fingers Unley.

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