Avent Baby Isis Breast Pump


The award winning Isis Breast Pump, allows you to express your milk directly into Avent reusable or disposable bottles for immediate use or storage in the fridge or freezer.
The secret behind the pump’s effectiveness is its ability to mimic the natural breastfeeding process through combining suction and massage, stimulating the letdown reflex painlessly and naturally just the way your baby would. The suction and pressure is completely controlled by you and the Isis is so gentle it can help overcome c
ommon problems such as engorgement or cracked nipples.
Also from Avent, the Isis Out and About Breast Pump Set, perfect for working busy mothers. This set contains everything you need to maintain your milk supply and to express and store your milk while away from your baby.
Now your baby can enjoy the benefits of breast milk, even if your not there and allows other family members to enjoy the benefits of feeding and bonding with your baby.
For further information visit www.avent.com.au
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