Baby BeeHinds


Most parents agree the high cost of disposables rapidly burns a hole in the wallet and is a massive problem for our environment. By using baby BeeHinds cloth nappies, the waste goes down the toilet not into landfill meaning your doing your bit for the environment.
Baby BeeHinds are easy to use and care for, fitted snap closures means no pinning, they don't require soaking and are easy to wash, just throw in the washing machine, no dryer necessary.
Being made from hemp and bamboo means they breathe and contain no chemicals, making them comfy and safe for babies’ delicate skin. Baby BeeHinds come in a funky range of colours and are designed to fit your baby from birth to toddler, meaning you save by not having to buy new sizes as baby grows.
Try just a few Baby BeeHinds, potentially save yourself thousands of dollars and help our environment. Baby BeeHinds are available from natures cradle, 425 Brighton Road, Brighton, call them on 1800 462 449 or contact Kim, Adelaide’s Baby BeeHinds product consultant for a demonstration on 08 8359 5683 or visit
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