Cute Tooshies.

Most Parents would agree the high cost of disposable nappies rapidly burns a hole in the hip pocket and is a massive problem to our environment. It can take one disposable nappy up to 500 years to decompose, by using cloth nappies your doing your bit for the environment and your Childs future.
They don’t require soaking, pinning or folding, come with highly absorbent inserts, are extremely reliable and they’re made from cloth, which breathes making it comfy and safe for your baby’s delicate skin.
Cute Tooshies are a full time fitted cloth nappy system that offers the convenience of a disposable, looks after the environment and costs around seven hundred dollars for a Childs complete nappying life and possibly multiple children. Compare that to disposables, using on average six nappy changes per day at fifty cents each, cost around $2,700.00 for one child over only two and a half years.
Cute Tooshies are available in a funky range of designs and fabric combinations, buy half a dozen and try for yourself baby will still be dry and have the cutest tooshie in town. Available at and selected stores Australia wide.
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