Belly Beat Doppler Hire.

Belly Beat Doppler Hire, founded by a Mum to help reassure her and alleviate anxiety hearing her babies heartbeat after previous trauma of miscarriage.
Having a baby is a beautiful experience and to be able to hear on a daily basis, that little person you carry inside yours heartbeat give such feeling of joy, peace of mind and assurance baby is doing well and also helps your partner, to feel involved as you both grow to know this little person.
It can pick up babies heartbeat as early as 10 to 12 weeks, comes with a clear digital fetal heart rate display, build in loud speaker or audio output for headphones, and the heartbeat can be recorded, so you and those around you can share the exciting experience.
Suitable for clinical and home use, its very easy to use and comes with a tube of ultrasound gel for your convenience, but should not in anyway replace your regular visit to your doctor.
The Belly Beat Doppler is available for hire for only $39.00 per month, plus courier fee, for more information or to orders yours call 03 9727 3539 or visit
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