Brauer Natural Medicine

The Brauer family established a pharmacy in the Barossa Valley in 1929 and to this day is still Australian owned and committed to providing quality, natural medicines and services to its customers.
Brauer have created an entire range of baby products that are made with natural ingredients. Brauer nappy rash relief cream is a natural product that provides fast relief from the painful sting of nappy rash.
For those many babies suffering colic, Brauer colic relief helps give relief of pain, irritability and abdominal distension caused by colic.
When teething time sets in, Brauer teething relief helps provide temporary relief from the pain, discomfort and irritability caused by teething.
All Brauer Baby Oral products have hygienic, measure droppers that are easy to give to your baby and work rapidly.
There are many more products in the Brauer range not only for your baby, but the whole family, so make sure you look for these great products at all leading pharmacies and health food stores. 
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Remember, If symptoms persist, please consult your health care practitioner
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