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                                        Back to Nature

Australian All Natural's Back To Nature Baby Range is a fabulous completely natural range of baby creams and lotions. Its main ingredient is commonly known as old man weed, which was found to have anti fungal, anti bacterial and anti irritant properties. Meaning that old man weed is suitable for the healing or help of just about any skin complaint, irritation or infection.
The Back to Nature Baby Range is effective in the treatment of nappy rash, helps relieve symptoms of eczema and the effects of psoraisis on the skin. The range is completely natural and the products are ph balanced, gentle, effective and soothing.The back to nature baby range consists of Baby Balm, Baby Soothing Lotion, Baby Barrier Cream and Baby Wash.
Another huge plus is, Australian All Natural supports Bonnie Babes, with a percentage of the proceeds going towards the Bonnie Babes Foundation. The Back to Nature Baby Range is available from all good health food stores and selected pharmacies. For more information visit:
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