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          Buzz Honey

Buzz Honey is a family owned business located in the pristine Adelaide Hills. Producing hand selected and harvested honeys from a variety of locations across South Australia and specialised regions of Australia.
It has been well documented over many years the benefits of Honey. A good old- fashioned food designed by nature for us human beings! And the only sweetener that isn’t man-made or processed has antibacterial properties and many health benefits.
So many of us myself included do not eat enough honey, try replacing sugar with honey in most instances tea, coffee, toast, on cereal it really is so good for us and tastes so wonderful .I know first-hand how excellent it is for calming nervous tummies before vigorous competitive sport. 
In researching honey I was amazed at my findings. Find out for yourself google Honey benefits and you will be buying Buzz Honey regularly and consuming at a least a jar a week, I am certainly going to increase my intake.
One of the main features pointed out in my research - is because honey has so many powerful medicinal uses we need to use raw, non heat treated honey.
Buzz Honey take pride in retaining the unique flavours of their raw honeys through their chemical free, cold press extraction processes, ensuring their non-heat treated honeys preserve their natural enzymes and health giving properties.
To Find out more about this amazing local company visit their web site give them a call 08 83880274 and order your favourite honey or go to one of their many stockists and stock up on a variety of flavours .10 out of 10 .
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