Yoplait Go-Gurt

The amazing health benefits of eating yogurt as part of a regular diet has been known for many years. Now Yoplait Go-Gurt is one way we can ensure that our children also get the same health benefits as we do every day.
Yoplait Go-Gurt is delicious real fruit yogurt that is a perfect way to keep kids healthy, cool and satisfied this summer. Kids love it because it tastes great and it is made with fruit puree. Which means no lumps or pips, and yes parents love it because its full of dairy goodness such as 
calcium that’s important for strong teeth and bones.
Available in portable tubes and tubs, Yoplait Go-Gurt is a delicious no mess, no fuss, cool summer snack that can be eaten frozen or chilled. Making it a healthy alternative to icecream.
Yoplait Go-Gurt is available in 5 delicious real fruit flavours, Strawberry, Raspberry, Apricot, Fruit Salad and Blueberry and can be found in the chilled section of your supermarket.
For further information visit www.gogurt.com.au for great healthy eating ideas not just for the kids, but for yourself as well.
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