Kidscough, Kidscold and Kidspain and Fever Lozenges

Gone are the days when parents had children with coughs, colds and niggling pains and aches, where the cure was sometimes worse than the cause, for both parent and child. Kidscold, Kidscough and Kidspain and Fever Lozenges on a stick are an all-natural homeopathic product, which are perfectly safe to use in conjunction with or instead of orthodox medicines. Homeopathic remedies work by helping the body's defense system, help itself. They are called remedies because hey are made from plant extracts, minerals and animal sources.
In the treatment of everyday complaints in children, many mothers are faced with a dilemma of how to treat and alleviate these symptoms. Kidscough, Kidscold and Kidspain and Fever contain low doses of active ingredients, relieving symptoms without causing side effects. �They contain no sugar, no alcohol, no preservatives, are pleasant tasting, safe to use, they work and the kids just love them. The recommended dose is up to three per day and they should be sucked not chewed, as the sucking facilitates the absorption of the active ingredients.
Available from all good pharmacies. 
For your local pharmacy stockist call 1800 640 043
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