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Kellogg's Rice Bubbles

Whether scooped up for breakfast or as a snack without milk, Kellogg's Rice Bubbles are a good food for kids. Delicious on their own, with fresh fruit or yogurt, Rice Bubbles are nutritious and easily digested.
Finding a good food that kids love to eat can be a challenge. Breakfast cereals that are fun and nutritious, like Kellogg�s Rice Bubbles, offer great solutions for Mums and Dads. Kids for many generations have fallen in love with this fun, singing cereal and the characters Snap, Crackle and Pop, that have appeared on the pack since the 1940's.
Kellogg's Rice Bubbles continue to be good for little stomachs (3 years plus), that can only tolerate small meals and unlike wheat, they are easily digested and low in allergens. Eating a high carbohydrate breakfast provides energy to help re-fuel both the body and brain after an overnight fast.
We know from several scientific studies that eating a healthy breakfast helps to improve mental performance and mood. So children who have a healthy breakfast are more likely to be interested in learning.
We made Kellogg's Rice Bubble, Cherry and Chocolate Logs. Great for the kids to make with adult supervision. For our recipe click here.
So pop off and snap some up today. Kellogg's Rice Bubbles are available in all good supermarkets.
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