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Sipahh low Sugar milk flavouring straws

Sipahh, low sugar milk flavouring straws, don’t just make kids smile, they make parents happy too. Sipahh helps people drink more wholesome milk, less sugar every day.
Sipahh has:
  • Less than ½ teaspoon sugar per straw
  • Is portion controlled
  • No preservatives or artificial colours. 
  • Is mess and fuss free.
13 surprising flavours in the range to choose from With gorgeous,
pastel coloured flow wraps and 13 delicious flavours, Sipahh is synonymous with everything we love about lunch breaks and after school time: creative play, chilling out and satisfying hunger with a glass of wholesome milk.
For kids who are unable to enjoy dairy due to allergies or intolerances,  Sipahh is just as delicious with rice milk soy milk or other milk alternatives. 
There are currently 13 flavours in the Sipahh range, and the range is still growing!
Current flavours include:
Cocoa bean Chocolate
Luscious Strawberry
Smooth Caramel
Lamington Dream
Hokey Pokey Honeycomb
Mango Smoothie
Chilled out Choc mint
Okey Dokey Cookies & Cream
Velvet Vanilla
Raspberry Fields
Hello Marshmallow
Tropical Splash
Banana Smoothie
Sipahh is due to launch their Online store at the end of February 2015. You will be able to purchase your favourite flavours in bulk and have Sipahh delivered straight to your door. 
You can also find Sipahh in Coles and Woolworths stores near Milo.
Find out more at
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