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Excellence in Motoring Group

Metro Holden, Plaza Holden and Metro HSV. 
Buying a new car can be a very important investment so finding the right car and the right people is a priority. Metro Holden was by invitation part of Top Spot Online Television for a number of years. I personally purchased two new cars from them, one before our request and one after, which I still own so I have no hesitation in recommending them.
Metro Holden were able to change the perception of many females that we could be intimidated by sales people when trying to buy a new or used car. They recognised at least 50% of buyers were females on their own, if not on their own also certainly having the final decision in most family situations.
Metro Holden staff are trained to treat both genders exactly the same maybe explaining in more simple terms some of the more technical information to females. They are really very helpful. 
The Excellence in Motoring Group has been serving motoring customers since 1975 and became a very important part of South Australia in 1986, creating many jobs and certainly helping our economy. Today they employ some 250 people with a local turnover of 200 million plus.
There are two independent dealerships in South Australia that form part of the Excellence in Motoring Group. 
Metro Holden Thebarton 1 port Road and 
Plaza Holden Valley View
For those who love HSV, Metro Holden HSV is also located at Thebarton and one of only three authorised HSV dealers in South
Metro Holden Thebarton and Plaza Holden Valley View are completely independent businesses, which utilise the Excellence in Motoring Group’s purchasing power, enabling them to pass on significant savings and ongoing benefits to you, their customers.
As a member of the Excellence in Motoring Group, both dealerships will give to any person purchasing a vehicle, free membership into the Motor One MyRewards loyalty programme, as well as a superior Excellence in Motoring Group warranty program for extra peace of mind. As a Motor One MyRewards member you will be entitled to many discount vouchers and offers that will save you time and money on various businesses around Australia.
For more information log on to their websites, visit a dealership near you or call Metro Holden Thebarton on 8354 9555 or Plaza Holden on 8263 4922.
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