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MARISA BUETI  Mob:0403 439 128

Finding the right person to do the book work that you need to be done –is an art in itself,

I met Marisa about 15 years ago where she began working with Mara and still does -and have had a very close association with her ever since.

I am ok at Maths and can enter a certain amount into MYOB but from there on its left to the expert Marisa. Marisa came to the Top Spot office each month and reconciled our accounts did our Bass statements checked we were doing everything correctly, if not showed and advised how and what we needed to do.

Marisa has been in the accounting industry since 1985 –starting as an office manager for a small organisation and has progressed to achieving her masters of commerce.

Marisa has told me she absolutely loves what she does – to her it is a real delight to see how the pieces come together to form a profit and loss and balance sheet .

To her bookkeeping and accounting has the same satisfaction that a chef has when he prepares a gourmet meal.

If you have need of someone to see that your books and Bass is correct or anything to do with figures and bookwork – be like me and give her a call .There are experts in all fields  for Marisa it’s  the field of figures and  bookkeeping. It really does give you peace of mind knowing that even if we make a little mistake Marisa can find it and correct it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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