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Legal advice is something we all hope we never need – however invariably most at some stage during our life time do need the services of a good lawyer one that we can feel knows the law is very honest and we are comfortable with.

Most lawyers can be at times very intimidating just by the very nature of what they do and represent.  My first dealings with Scales and Partners was for my will where I saw one of their lawyers that deals mostly with wills, I found them to be extremely good so when a couple of years later I had a further legal requirement of a totally different nature,
Family law and property disputes I went back to Scales and Partners, this time I was referred to one of their experts in that field Mr Mark Turner. I had absolutely no idea what was involved, he did not feed me a lot of false promises, he explained the cold hard facts, and the procedures we needed to take in simple layman terms that I could understand. He believed I had a very good case according to the law – however he did explain that it is the law and there is never any guarantee as the final decision if it goes to trail, is how the Judge interprets the law. He advised if a resolution could be found without going to trial  it would be cheaper and far better option for all concerned.
This became quite a long procedure even requiring a Barrister to present my case at trial.  I was extremely happy with the final outcome however have to say at times, due to frustration Mark was on the end of some pretty angry conversations from me. He always listened explained in simple terms the correct legal paths we needed to take.  I trusted him and my Barrister recommended by Mark, listened to their honest recommendations and was able to make a call knowing all my options.
I have to say it was a very scary experience to say the least, however through the trail ,I even sent Mark an email saying how comforting it was to have him and Alex my barrister on my side ,I felt they were holding my hand through the whole horrible experience.
Summing up I have asked Scales and Partners to be part of Top Spot Online. I hope that none of you have to ever experience my scenario however life can sometimes sent us a curve ball and we either get up and fight or fold. If you choose to fight it’s a great feeling knowing the team comes highly recommended, not someone you have just got out of the phone book:
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