Double A Paper.

The Double A smoothness ensures our printers and copiers run more efficiently. Because Double A is cleaner, brighter, whiter and thicker sheet of paper, Double A provides an overall superior result helping your equipment as well as your home or office run smoother. Double A Paper products are produced from specially farmed Eucalyptus Trees which means no impact on old growth forests.
With Double A, you can also help Breast Cancer Research run smoother where for every ream of Double A A4 White purchases through 
Officeworks, Coles and Kmart you are contributing to $100,000 annual donation to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.
Double A Copy Paper is available in A4 and A3 White, A4 2500 Bulk Sheet Clever Box, A4 and A3 Colour varieties and both soft and hard cover Spiral Notebooks.
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