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  RetailUltima Plus Dairy Free Spread

If you are Lactose or Dairy intolerant, then you would know how frustration it can be to miss out on many delicious foods, even butter, well say goodbye to frustration because now there is Ultima Plus Dairy Free Spread that tastes just as butter.

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  Vege Chips

Vege Chips are light, crunchy, manufactured in Australia and cooked in the finest sunflower oil, making them a healthy alternative. This specially developed sunflower oil is low in saturated fats and provides a good balance of essential polyunsaturates and monounsaturates - the good fats. Vege Chips have 40 per cent less fat than most potato chips and are also free from genetically modified ingredients, free from artificial colours and flavours, free from wheat and gluten, free from preservatives and cholesterol and have no added msg.

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                 VoVogel's Cerealgels Cereal


Vogels have a range of breakfast cereals, that not only taste really good but are also good for you. The range includes, Soytana Ultra Bran, Soy and Linseed Wheat Bran and the Premium Oven Crisp Muesli.
Vogels Soytana is a crunchy Honey coated Soy and Wheat cereal blended with juicy Australia Sultanas. It is low in fat with all the benefits of Fibre, plus the goodness of Soy Protein, Calcium, Folate and Vitamin E.
Vogels Ultra Bran Soy and Linseed Wheat Bran Cereal, rich in Phytoestrogens and Calcium, low in fat less that 2%, High in Fibre, Complex 

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