Redi-Brite makes a healthier safer range of innovative Groovee Fibre-Free Scourers.
Traditional green synthetic or steel scourers are made from fibre, unfortunately we often find they’re falling apart clogged with food, smell terrible and have lost their effectiveness, making an already unpleasant task that much harder.
Australian made Redi-Brite scourers are different, there are no non-digestible fibres present to snag or shed into our cookware, potentially causing throat injuries, they are easy to use because you need only to apply enough pressure for quick results. Being Fibre-Free they’re also healthier as bacteria prone food scraps don’t become trapped deep down between scourers fibres.
The Groovee Soapy, a sponge scourer with a unique hygienic surface, that’s flexible for washing and won’t snag, fray, or trap food particles. The included detergent bar concentrate, releasees during cleansing action and its special ingredients assist in polishing.
The Groovee 2UP is two fast acting, Fibre-Free scourers in one, the brown side is the heavy-duty scourer, for those tough, lightly baked-on stains. The black side is the grill scourer, for extreme action, when nothing else will shift it, ideal for burnt-on residue.
Redi-Brite Groovee Scourers available from Coles and Bi-lo supermarkets for more information visit
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