Body Sensitive
Universal Brands has introduced their Body Sensitive range of bath and body care, to cater to the ever growing demand for products for our families that are free from pesticides, petrochemicals or any form of nasties.
Universal Brands believe there are places where any form of harsh chemicals do not belong and our skin is one of them.
Much time and research has gone into the special formulation of body sensitive to cater for all, but particularly those people with sensitive skin.
The Body Sensitive range combines extra moisturisers and mild soap free ingredients, is ph balanced to give our skin the best protection, and is completely free of all nasties.
Body Sensitive shower gel comes in a 450 ml bottle that contains no
Sodium lauryl sulphate
Petrochemical by products
Chemo-synthetic fragrances
Chemo-synthetic colours
Harmful detergents
Animal derivatives
Or irrative ingredients on your skin.
Body sensitive shower gel in the 450 ml bottle is excellent value and suitable for the whole family even your little ones and available in the health and beauty, body wash and soaps section of Woolworth’s supermarkets.
Also available 
Body sensitive shower gel and body sensitive lotion in a 200ml bottle, and
Body sensitive 60-gram body butter .
Ideal for everyday and also makes a great gift idea.
Available from Kmart.
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