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Seeds of Change

Goodness from the ground up, 100% organically grown pasta and pasta sauces. When you next want to enjoy pasta, try Seeds Of Change Pasta and Pasta Sauces.
Their pasta sauces are a combination of only the finest natural organic ingredients, from the very best extra virgin olive oil to sun ripened tomatoes, you will find only pure natural tastes.
Three variants to choose from:
- Tomato & Basil
- Roasted Garlic and
- Mushroom & Herb
Because Seeds Of Change Pasta Sauces are full of flavour you wont need to add other ingredients to make the meal enjoyable, you can serve it just as is.
Three variants available: 
- Penne Pasta
- Spaghetti and
- Gemelli Pasta
All easy to cook and again, great tasting.
The Seeds Of Change range is available in Coles and the Pasta Sauces are also available in selected Woolworths stores. Visit or call 1800 816 016.
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