CadburyCadbury Hot Fudge.

Microwaveable Cadbury Hot Fudge is a real rich chocolatey indulgence, which is so quick and easy to use. Simply open the flip top cap. pop in the microwave and heat on high for around 45 seconds. Then let the bottle stand for 1 minute before serving. Cadbury Hot Fudge is available in a handy 500-gram squeeze pack with an extra large nozzle.
When you thought Cadbury couldn 't get any better, they have now introduced the ultimate caramel experience. Cadbury Caramello Hot Fudge. The deluxe taste of 
Caramello in combination with Cadbury Hot Fudge provides the complete fudge offering.
Cadbury Hot Fudge leads the way and now we can enjoy the perfect Caramel addition. Cadbury toppings available at all supermarkets.
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