Dorsogna Rivergum Smoked Leg Ham


Dorsogna was established in Western Australia in 1949 is renowned all over Australia for their high quality Ham, bacon and continental products which are delicious and excellent value for money. Dorsogna Rivergum Smoked Leg Ham is manufactured from the finest quality pork legs and often compared to a double smoked ham, however it surpasses it in appearance, quality and flavour.
Selected hand trimmed 100% boneless pork leg meat is used to ensure it’s 97% fat free, the meat is then cured using a special formulation that achieves a delicate, slightly sweet taste, the cured leg meat is then slow, dry cooked and smoked using an extended smoking process which enhances the flavour further and gives it soft, tender texture, that’s ideal for shaving or slicing.
River Gum Hardwood shavings are used in the smoking process, which results in the unique rich brown colouring on the outer surface of the ham, while inside it, retains a delicate pink centre.
Dorsogna Rivergum Smoked Leg Ham is available in the Deli Section of Coles Supermarkets, for more information visit
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