Bio-Zet & Bio-Zet Colour


It gets most clothes brilliantly clean with no soaking, no scrubbing & no spraying.
Containing unique "Z" enzymes, Bio-Zet hones in on, and unlocks dirt and stains right inside the filaments of fibres. Difficult stains like perspiration, mud, oil, blood, grass and tough food stains simply dissolve and wash away. You get 30 full washes from a 1.5-kilogram pack, at around only 30 cents per wash.
An exciting new product from Bio-Zet is "Bio-Zet Colour". A specialist laundry powder that is designed to take care of your coloured clothes making them look brighter and cleaner than ever!
It's the colour acti-techs that restore the colours in your clothes, removing the film that builds up after repeated washing. Bio-Zet colour is a specialist product for colours, which delivers superior results.
Suitable for top and front-loading washing machines. Bio-Zet regular and Bio-Zet colour (as well as refills) are available from all good supermarkets.
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