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Elastoplast Silverhealing.

Elastoplast Silverhealing is an innovative new range of plasters and dressings that harness the natural antiseptic power of silver to provide wounds with immediately and powerful protection from infection.
Silver has been used for centuries as a natural infection fighter, it promotes the natural wound healing process by destroying and minimising the spread of germs.
Adapted from silver technology currently used in Australian hospitals innovative Elastoplast Silverhealing Technology gives you the clinically proven benefits of silver, for use in the home.
Elastoplast Silverhealing Plasters deliver a controlled release of Silver Ions into the wound that penetrate and destroy a broad spectrum of germs, ensuring long-lasting protection for optimal natural healing.
Elastoplast Silverhealing Plasters and dressings are Hypoallergenic, designed not to stick to the wound and are available in carious forms and sizes to perfectly fit a wide variety of injuries.
Protect your family, remember children, the elderly and diabetics are most susceptible to infection from everyday wounds, so keep a supply of Elastoplast Silverhealing plasters and dressings in your medicine cupboard.
Available from selected Pharmacies, Woolworths, Coles and Independent retailers, for more information visit
Always read the label, use only as directed. If systems persist please see your doctor.
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