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Hope’s Relief Cream


Around 10% of the population suffers from Eczema or Psoriasis, or itchy dry and irritated skin. Hopes Relief Cream may be able to help. Jacqueline Hope a naturopath and the creator of Hopes Relief Cream created this amazing product as well as a shampoo and conditioner.
Hope’s Relief Cream contains organic herbal extracts like Manuka Honey and specific homeopathic ingredients like Licorice Root that contains a compound with Anti-inflammatory properties similar to cortisone yet seemingly free of the unwanted side effects cortisone has, it is cooling relieves itchiness and assists in rapid skin repair. In fact there are no Petrochemicals, colourings, perfumes or any other artificial ingredients to be absorbed into the blood stream. It can be used for all ages and skin types.
Hope’s Relief Cream and Shampoo and Conditioner are available from leading pharmacies. For further information visit
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