Biovite: Calmagen SkinKalm, FootKalm and NailKalm

Do you have bad skin or nails?
Don’t give up! Now there’s an answer with the new Australian Breakthrough nature based Calmagen Dermaceutical range of products with Amycot.
These new products include:
SkinKalm Dermaceutical Cream sooths, repairs and revitalises skin. The skin will feel fresh, health and silky soft.
FootKalm Dermaceutical Powder can be used in shoes and on feet and will help eliminate odours caused by fungi. Best used in conjunction with SkinKam cream.
NailKalm Dermaceutical Lotion helps repair fingernails and toenails. Helps reduce signs of nail blemishes, leaving nails looking healthy and shiny.
These products are available from Pharmacies, Health Food Shops and Podiatrists. For more information visit
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