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Curagul Stud Brushcutter Replacement Heads

If you're tired of long and laborious brushcutting that sees you constantly and with great difficulty, installing new cutting line then you'll be over the moon to know there is a better way. Convert your brushcutter or trimmer to a performance machine with either the 
Innovative champ or turbo, multi line replacement heads, Australian designed and made these brushcutter and trimmer heads are unique in performance and innovative design.
The champ simply adapts to all straight shaft brushcutters that will accept a blade, using fixed length line it can be loaded with three to six lines, creating up to twelve cutters. More lines means wear is spread evenly resulting in extended non-stop cutting time, in fact the champ commonly achieves more than two hours before line replacement is necessary.
When it does need replacing, it’s easily done without having to remove the head from the machine. Bags of pre-cut line, supercut a high performance professional cutting line are also available for purchase.
Curagul Stud Brushcutter Replacement Heads are the number one choice for over 400 councils and government agencies and 1000’s of satisfied homeowners and gardeners Australia wide, a real testament to its trouble free performance and user satisfaction.
Also available is the turbo, designed for lightweight bent shaft trimmers. Order yours today by calling 1800 180 141 for more information visit
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