Briggs & Stratton and Shingu

Shingu are a Japanese manufacturer of high quality line trimmers, brushcutters and hedgetrimmers with over 40 years experience.
Shingu realise that cheap price pointed machinery is often flawed by hard to start engines and components which break, creating a miserable experience for the user.
Shingu are different, they design and build quality, safe, easy to use, reliable, equipment.
The SR2100L Brushcutter is light weight, easy to start and well balanced making it ideal for we ladies and even our senior citizens, girls too can trim and maintain their gardens without hassles, without depending on others or paying for their service.
It comes fully assembled and tested and if you like, they will even give you a demonstration on how to use it and it’s so very easy.
The Shingu Sure-Tap Auto Feed Line Head delivers a precise amount of line each time you tap it on the ground, its trouble free in use and logical to reload.
Priced at under $350 makes it a truly affordable investment for our homes, the quality design and manufacture means it will keep working properly for years and years giving us excellent value money.
Shingu products are exclusively available from your friendly Briggs & Stratton for your nearest dealer call 1800 68 9976
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