Conni Kids.

Conni Kids Bedpads have been developed especially for children by textile specialists, using the latest technology in absorbency and comfort, that’s identical in construction to their hospital products.
To use Conni Kids, simply place the pad over the bottom sheet or where your child is sleeping if your child wets during the night, fluid is drawn into the lightweight absorbent core where it’s trapped, keeping your child dry and comfortable, and means you can stop buying those expensive night time nappies.
The non-slip waterproof backing protects linen and mattress, furniture or carpet, no need to do a whole bed change, just remove the pad and machine wash, it also safely tumble dries.
Available in two convenient sizes, and three colours, Conni Kids comes with a free toilet training kit including poster, smiley stickers, achievement certificate, parental advice and instructions and offer a full money back guarantee.
Ideal for holidays, school camps or sleepovers, they can be used in sleeping bags, are great as a change mat or underlay for babies.
For more information call 1300 721 710 or visit
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