Cottee's Cordial


  Cottee’s Squeezy Jam

Packed full of real fruit and designed to put fun and life back into eating jam. With no pips, lumps or chunks it’s ideal to serve to the little ones on toast adding delicious taste and fun at every breakfast table.
Cottee’s Squeezy Jam comes in a mess free unbreakable squeezy pack also perfect for those bigger little hands promoting independence but preventing sticky fingers on furniture.
 Cottee’s Squeezy Jams are great for kids from about 12 months upwards to use and enjoy, making them ideal for most occasions including camping. Another huge plus is Cottee’s Squeezy Jams have a pop top squeeze cap in a soft 350 gram bottle, making it clean and easy to use for adults and children alike.
Cottee’s Squeezy Jam comes in two delicious and exciting flavours Strawberry and Raspberry. Cottee’s Squeezy Jam is available from all major Supermarkets.
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