Totally South Australian owned and operated

B.d Farm Paris Creek- one of South Australia’s true life changing product range.
B.d Farm Paris Creek –is Australia's multi-award winning manufacturer of bio dynamic and organic dairy products that include a variety of Yogurts (the original range and the new indulgence range) Fresh milk -Swiss and German style Quark -Butter and even their handcrafted soft and hard cheeses. Along with delicious flavoured milks…………
B.d Farm Paris Creek is a South Australia’s own family operated dairy company that continually wins award after award and in my opinion changed the way so many of us purchase dairy products for to keep our families healthy .
B.d. Farm Paris Creek premium dairy products continually win award after award and that just does not happen if your product isn’t the best of the best-or cream of the cream.
So many of us today look for the preferred healthier option for our family – take the time to look for the B.d. Farm Paris Creek label when looking for your Yogurts– fresh milk cheeses even your Butter and Quark.
B. d Farm Paris Creek is so committed to ensuring we have Yoghurts and milks in their most natural form that they do not and will not substitute anything.
B.d . Farm Paris Creek product range consists of different exciting varieties of yogurts where the real organic fruit sits on the bottom of the tub –to increase the fresh fruit flavour –stir it before you eat it and then ENJOY!!!
B.d.Farm Paris Creek yogurt is light and smooth –they avoid all these thickeners-gelatines or powders and they are not over processed.  They truly pride themselves on creating yogurts in their natural state – pure milk and life probiotic cultures, fresh organic fruit, little to no sugar and low in fat. What else could we wish for in a yogurt?  
 Other suggestions for enjoying B.d.Farm Paris Creek products, try their Swiss and German style quarks for your dips instead of creamed cheese use it in your cheesecakes to replace cottage cheese or just enjoy on a piece of bread with your favourite jam.
B.d. Farm Paris Creek also have white milks in three varieties: full cream,fat reduced and zero fat  . This company’s products are just so good and so good for us. Also new in the stores: with a flavour to die for is their organic flavoured milks in café late and choc-lat . All ingredients are certified – real coffee beans - real chocolate and no artificial flavours or colours.
B.d.Farm Paris Creek products are rich in protein -important minerals as well as full vitamins A B C D E K along with Folate .B.d.Farm Paris Creek are even better than organic- they are biodynamic.-
A great name to bring your family up on- make them your choice- they do not keep winning awards for nothing...............
Available from most supermarkets if you cannot find them in your favourite supermarket please ask the store manager if they can stock them for you.
If you haven’t tried B.d. Farm Paris Creek products do they are as close to nature as you can get.
Another huge plus apart from being the absolute best for us –is buying B.d.Farm Paris Creek products you are supporting SA dairy Farmers – to keep our environment free of chemicals. As Nature meant it Clean Green and pristine preserving it for our future. 
I should mention B.d.Farm Paris Creek were the first company I approached for Top Spot online when I decided to return as I know just how good their products are for us and they are a South Australian true hard working success story. Please visit their web site or join them on Facebook and twitter and find out even more about South Australia’s award winning








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