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Understanding Super has not been an easy task for my generation with super guarantee for employees only commencing in July 1992 – meaning many of us had worked half our lives  and even then most people just allowed our employers to contribute to a super fund sometimes of our choice but most often just the one most staff members had .
Some exceptions saw people with a bit of knowledge have a Self-Managed Super Fund wanting to (justifiably so )be in control of what happened to their money.
Today people in the work force like you can also have the option of controlling what happens with your super funds and be very involved in the investments made for your retirement.
Financial security for your future can really depend so much on how you act today.  Don’t just let employer's pay your super into a fund, choose your own fund or financial institution, be involved, understand and plan now what happens with your money.
Ask yourself this question ,would you let someone else open a bank account of their choice put your money in it and have absolutely no say as to what happens to it -I don't think so .
I have recommended Pinnacle Wealth Management for advice on your super and any other investments you may have  and I really , speak from firsthand experience. 
Pinnacle Wealth Management were recommended to me,possibly like many of you ,I really had no idea. These people were absolutely fantastic -they explained advised and walked me in almost baby steps, how to plan and understand what I needed to know and do, to ensure my lifestyle when retired, was not inferior to the one I enjoyed while I was employed  though lack of finances .
I could continue to sing Pinnacles praises – however my best advice that costs you absolutely nothing is give them a call or visit their web site first then make that  call and organise a time to go and ask the questions yourself and take charge of your money and your future .
Remember do not be afraid to ask as many questions as you need and if there is something you don’t understand (for me there was a lot) they are very happy to translate it into simple terms that we can understand.There are probably more people like you and me ,than ones that have a good understanding of their super so ask about everything you're not sure of.
Once you have made that call and asked the questions- you will feel so much more confident knowing you are involved with the planning of your financial future. You now have access to a team of professionals with skills, services, products and professionals to analyse, implement, and then put into place with your approval the most favourable course of action for you.
Pinnacle Wealth management team also have so many other areas of expertise please visit their website and like I said make a call for your future today.
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