Aqua Socks

The Aqua Socks are a must for every family member. You can walk so comfortably both in and out of the water confidently with out the hassle of watching where you walk or burning you feet on the hot sand or concrete. Walking in the water is also a breeze with Aqua Socks as the soles of the shoes have amazing grip, which makes them great for boats and no more crabs or critters bitting you on the toes.
They are very easy to put on, fitting snugly which keeps most of the sand out. Aqua Socks are so very practical and affordable under ten 
dollars and all you need do is squirt them out with a hose and they are clean.
Available in all sizes from toddlers to men, purchase them at Big W and leading independent retailers. Also from August 2004 onwards available from Spend Less shoes.
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