The Bamix is an extremely reliable machine, able to accomplish the most difficult processing tasks with ease, incredibly fast and powerful enough to grind coffee beans, soybeans and lentils to a fine powder even knead bread dough and crush ice.
Bamix – mixes, purées, emulsifies, aerates, chops, grinds, and works with any amount, from extremely small, to very large quantities.
The amazing Bamix does a maximum of work - with a minimum of accessories - it is extremely handy - amazingly lightweight - requires a minimum of space - and is cleaned in a matter of seconds - by simply holding it under running water.
There is a Bamix model available - to suit every occasion - and requirement. The Basic Mono - The Deluxe Model - The Cassette Model and The NEW Bamix Basic. Choose from the huge range of colours and models, with prices starting at $149 up to $175.
For your nearest Bamix stockist or more information on the products - 1800 337 313 or visit
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