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Carole Davis

Since  late 1980 the South Australian Top Spot programme and Carole Davis on Channel 9 became almost a household name among consumers through the presentation of the unique Top Spot programme in South Australia. From a background of a decade with supermarket promotions and demonstration, Carole's experience provided her with a dynamic insight into consumer behaviour. Top Spot online will also  target your products through Carole's known consumer needs and preferences.


A hallmark of the Carole Davis reputation was a concentration on product and presentation integrity. All products were  tested by a member of the Top Spot team to ensure suitability before the item  was promoted within the television segment. The same will apply to all products and services within Top Spot Online 

In a forum where demonstrated products must meet customer expectations, Top Spot  earned high respect among consumers and supermarket chains for its credibility in delivering accurate information. Without that reputation of respect and credibility the Top Spot segment would not have enjoyed its outstanding product promotion success.

The Skill

During any particular segment, Carole demonstrated  products and services, presented recipe suggestions, discussed product uses, displayed products similar to supermarket layout, provided packaging information, highlighted product features and benefits, and importantly, clearly provided details on where items and services could be obtained.


Audiences came to expect that products and their uses  demonstrated in a simple, entertaining and relaxed manner. Allowed them  to feel confident in the purchase of a product and safe in the knowledge that they can use it with the same ease.

Buyers are attracted to products that "perform" and provide "added value." Both these qualities were highlighted during Top Spot  Television presentations.and the same will apply to Top Spot online 

Personal Interests

 include; running, water skiing, sewing, dancing, astrology  swimming. and her GrandChildren .