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 Our beautiful range of teabags Dr. Stuart's Caffeine Free Herbal and Fruit Teas

Dr. Stuart’s ensure that their Fruit and Herbal Teas are only of the highest possible quality by including DAB 10 grade herbs for higher levels of essential oils and maximum herbal refreshment at any time of the day. They are all naturally caffeine free use only pure natural ingredients and have no artificial flavours, colourings or additives.
In the range Chamomile, Peppermint, Tranquillity, Echinacea Plus, Energy Plus, Valerian, Cranberry & Raspberry, Apple & Ginger, Ginko Plus, Triple Ginseng Plus and Green teas, Original Chai, and Lemon Myrtle.
The Detox Blend is a blend of 12 herbs like Dandelion & Burdock which are great for a detox. They create a gentle warming of the body as well as cleansing.
To enjoy a cup of Dr. Stuart's Teas, simply pour boiling water onto the tea bag and allow to brew for five minutes. Natural Botanical teas take longer to infuse properly.
Dr. Stuart’s Detox Blend available in the health food aisle of most Coles and Woolworths and most all teas are available at David Jones and good health food outlets.
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