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Hello everyone if you have a helpful handy tip and would like to share it with  others please go to our contact page and put all the details in the comments section - we will try it and then add it to our page here .


Cleaning the base of an Iron .

I have a steam station that I have had for a number of years ,it still works brilliantly but  had a really burnt base in places I tried so many products with no success . Finally in desperation prior to ditching the iron I tried good old Oven Cleaner and it worked a treat its all gone .

Laundry ( stop Clothes clinging) 

I have found to stop clothes clinging to you and also  give a real soft feel ,try using plain old white vinegar in the section of the machine designed for softeners .It also doesn't build up on your washing machine drum .

German Shepherd 

Having had three large German Shepherd dogs with two going at the age of ten . My third Brandy ( often seen on the Television with me ) I decided from 6 months old to change her diet . She is now nearly 14 deaf but still extremely alert, active,walks everyday and looks wonderful . Her diet  has been  no meat or dried dog food only ,Chicken Livers cooked in gravy, mixed with boiled rice and topped with three or four raw chicken wings or drum sticks . I go to the market and buy the wings  2kg for $4-90 plus a 2 kg bag of Chicken livers . Cook the livers mash them up and use half for this weeks batch  along with  one and a half large rice cooker pots full of rice and two jugs of gravy . That feeds her  (and she is a good eater) for a week . I then freeze the other half of the cooked livers and use it for next weeks food . Very affordable a little work for us, but I personally believe it is why Brandy has achieved a good age and is very well as a result of it .THis is only my personal opinion you might wish to speak  to your pets vet  before trying it .