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               Aussie Mite

Aussie Mite another of South Australia’s success stories founded on the values of supporting Australian made and owned 
Aussie Mite is the first Australian Owned and Made Yeast Extract since the 1960’s
Aussie Mite is the first Australian Yeast Extract to add vitamin B12, which is seen to be vital for the normal function of the brain and nervous system. 
Aussie mite is a delicious savoury spread made from only the finest ingredients including non-GM Australian corn – rich in Vitamin B, B12 and folic acid gluten free endorsed by Coeliac Australia, vegan friendly no added salt nuts artificial colours or preservatives .All ingredients are GM free just as nature intended.

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    Australian Pure Fruits - River-Port

Australian Pure Fruits a South Australian company in the Adelaide Hills trades under the River Port logo, have a variety of favourites to cater to most of our family needs. From the pure fruit Juices for our junior family member’s daily requirements to favourites that we enjoyed as families when we were younger to just about everything in between.   
In our ever changing world it is absolutely the best that the soft drinks that River Port manufacture dating back to 1899 have changed very little in over a hundred years.

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Totally South Australian owned and operated

B.d Farm Paris Creek- one of South Australia’s true life changing product range.
B.d Farm Paris Creek –is Australia's multi-award winning manufacturer of bio dynamic and organic dairy products that include a variety of Yogurts (the original range and the new indulgence range) Fresh milk -Swiss and German style Quark -Butter and even their handcrafted soft and hard cheeses. Along with delicious flavoured milks…………

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          Buzz Honey

Buzz Honey is a family owned business located in the pristine Adelaide Hills. Producing hand selected and harvested honeys from a variety of locations across South Australia and specialised regions of Australia.
It has been well documented over many years the benefits of Honey. A good old- fashioned food designed by nature for us human beings! And the only sweetener that isn’t man-made or processed has antibacterial properties and many health benefits.
So many of us myself included do not eat enough honey, try replacing sugar with honey in most instances tea, coffee, toast, on cereal it really is so good for us and tastes so wonderful .I know first-hand how excellent it is for calming nervous tummies before vigorous competitive sport. 

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Emmaline's Country kitchen 

Emmaline’s Country Kitchen a South Australian owned and operated company was born in the Adelaide Hills in 1996 when owners Susan and Andrew Horwood realised due to so many having busy lifestyles there was a real need for fresh home-style baked products like our mums used to make.
After selling out of their initial run of Nutloaves in one day the pair spent the next few years outgrowing a number of premises before continued success forced them to a much larger location where they remain today in the Heritage Listed Onkaparinga Woollen Mills .
Emmaline’s product range is now found in over 1500 outlets in Australia ranging from the large supermarkets, to the gourmet coffee shops and so many others.
The reason people keep buying this companies products is because they really are first class using real fresh ingredients butter not margarine, eggs not egg powder, no premixes just like our Grans or mums. 

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Golden North


GOLDEN NORTH ICE CREAM. South Australian owned and made since 1923 meaning it’s been part of   South Australia for 90 years.
Which means unless you’re older than that it is a treat that you and probably even your parents and maybe their folks have enjoyed at some stage to me it is the absolute best ice-cream ever and it just happens to be made in our beautiful South Australia.

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M & S Campbell Plumbing  and Gas

          08 83270505

 I have approached Mike and Sharryn to be the recommended Plumber for Top Spot Online.
A question I am asked so often by many consumers was for a reputable Plumber that is South Australian and they can trust and feel totally safe with.
For many as we become older or live on our own, having someone strange coming to your home quite often inside can be quite scary.
Both my sons were Plumbers by trade, however for many years now both work in different industries, so like everyone else I have had the need to use a plumber regularly. 

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Image                         Mahalia’s Coffee.

Many of us just buy our coffee beans or ground coffee in the store that we may happen to be shopping in or what is on special .Never really thinking we should treat buying our coffee, like we would a good wine.
Mahalia Coffee is a well-recognised Roasting house in South Australia’s beautiful Robe area where owners Mahalia and Paul Layzell have been winning award after award for their amazing range of coffees. Being a late developer when it comes to coffee I have come to realise that there is a huge difference in coffee’s and their flavours.
Coffee Connoisseur friends have been singing the praises of Mahalia Coffees’ and as a converted I can now understand why. 

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Product range

              Mitani Products

The Mitani Family Business started from humble beginnings,where in 1979 they moved into the food service distribution industry in a renovated picture theatre in the small country town of Gawler,
 Loui Mitani was the founder of Mitani products hand blending his own mix of herbs and spices to create the most popular spice on Chips today and most certainly one that we all know and enjoy even kids know and love MITANI CHICKEN SALT.This amazing product loved by all not only tastes the absolute best, it is made of all natural ingredients and has no MSG ( mono sodium glutamate) South Australia’s Mitani Chicken Salt  is  one of the biggest selling products in not only South Australia but Australia and also exported to countries around the world .What a clever man was Loui producing 50kg of spices per week, today Mitani’s combined  production output provides about 1 million serving of chicken salt for chips and salad per week .

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Olives 2000
I have for some time now been looking  for a South Australian company that makes their own Quality Olive oil,- using South Australian olives and  is readily available in supermarkets as well direct or online. I found them Olives 2000.
Compared to where we were years ago most now realise and enjoy not only the health benefits but the exquisite flavour of olive oil. 
 Olives 2000 range of Olive 0il ticks all the boxes and it is totally south Australian using Olives grown in not only our country but our state. 

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