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Another South Australian success story.
Buying a car can be a stressful time for many –- so many questions go around in your head,  Where do I go who do I see –How do I know I am not buying someone else’s problems – what if something goes wrong . Can I have an RAA inspection – can I trust the car salesman .Can I browse without being hassled.
Let me give you a little insight to why I have recommended before you buy a car or even look anywhere else go and see one of the team members at AA Family Motors.

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Excellence in Motoring Group

Metro Holden, Plaza Holden and Metro HSV. 
Buying a new car can be a very important investment so finding the right car and the right people is a priority. Metro Holden was by invitation part of Top Spot Online Television for a number of years. I personally purchased two new cars from them, one before our request and one after, which I still own so I have no hesitation in recommending them.
Metro Holden were able to change the perception of many females that we could be intimidated by sales people when trying to buy a new or used car. They recognised at least 50% of buyers were females on their own, if not on their own also certainly having the final decision in most family situations.

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Repco Auto Repair


Your local Repco Auto Repair is an independently owned and operated garage. So when you bring your car in you get friendly local service, and you get to talk to the mechanic who fixes your car. As part of the growing Repco Auto Repair chain, your local repairer can now offer an even wider range of repair services.
You local Repco Auto Repairer can service your new car. Their Auto-tech training program ensures that all technicians are kept up to date with modern repair methods, and their in-house computer program gives instant access to vehicle specifications and service data.

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