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Another South Australian success story.
Buying a car can be a stressful time for many –- so many questions go around in your head,  Where do I go who do I see –How do I know I am not buying someone else’s problems – what if something goes wrong . Can I have an RAA inspection – can I trust the car salesman .Can I browse without being hassled.
Let me give you a little insight to why I have recommended before you buy a car or even look anywhere else go and see one of the team members at AA Family Motors.
Garry Dickeson (Tank ) and his wife Kerrie have over 12 years’ experience in knowing what makes a car yard  busy and successful as opposed to just being a car yard and it’s about having not good but great quality affordable cars  exceptional service and most of all YOU . You are their number one priority-if you’re not 100% happy Tank is not happy – he and Kerrie own the business so they truly want you to be happy. Happy Buyer Happy Business, but also smart because that way you always return to AA Family Motors whenever you or a family member need to change or upgrade your car. What Tank doesn’t know about vehicles hasn’t been found yet – and if by some very small chance he doesn’t know one of his skilled team will.
Garry’s background speaks volumes –His Dad owned Sturt Street Crash repairs for over 40 years where I guess Tank experienced his first love of vehicles going on to become a very respected and much sought after panel beater .You guessed it from there the next step was helping people buy a really good affordable car – where they could relax and enjoy the experience as opposed to all the concerning problems that go around in so many people’s heads.
Garry is so aware of looking after his customers ,that he realises it is impossible to be everywhere and everything to  everyone – so to ensure his customers have the same standard of service that he gives his customers he searched long and hard for a Sales manager with the same knowledge and qualities as his own .
Their Sales Manager John O’Connell has over 30 plus years of experience- honest as the day is long and like Tank what he doesn’t know about vehicles also hasn’t been found yet. John has been at AA Family Motors for over 4 years and really likes the people he works for and there customer service policies. I am amazed at how many people continue to come back to Tank or John whenever they need to change their car – or even their children are now driving –and need a vehicle. You can’t buy that sort of credibility.
The other relatively new member of the team Fred Mc Glashen also comes from many years’ experience in new and used cars.
Their car yard caters to all budgets- they can provide finance and even arrange insurance if you need it. Please if I continue to go on about these people you will think I have shares in the company and I don’t. Please visit their web have a look at some of their vehicles and find out anything else you need to know, then  give them a call go and see them even email Tank on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and find out for yourself .
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