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I sincerely hope you or your family members never have need of Alex’s services – but as experience shows life is not always that simple. Alex Lazarevich is in my opinion is an exceptional Barrister and I do speak from firsthand experience, he was my Barrister in a property dispute trial initially in the Magistrates court and then the Supreme Court. I wish to mention again, it was a property dispute not a criminal case   (don’t want you to think I broke the law) .His research, very approachable manner (in no way intimidating) and being  extremely easy to talk to, instantly puts you at ease  knowing he is on your side.

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Scales & Partners Tel: 82124334


Legal advice is something we all hope we never need – however invariably most at some stage during our life time do need the services of a good lawyer one that we can feel knows the law is very honest and we are comfortable with.

Most lawyers can be at times very intimidating just by the very nature of what they do and represent.  My first dealings with Scales and Partners was for my will where I saw one of their lawyers that deals mostly with wills, I found them to be extremely good so when a couple of years later I had a further legal requirement of a totally different nature,

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