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I sincerely hope you or your family members never have need of Alex’s services – but as experience shows life is not always that simple. Alex Lazarevich is in my opinion is an exceptional Barrister and I do speak from firsthand experience, he was my Barrister in a property dispute trial initially in the Magistrates court and then the Supreme Court. I wish to mention again, it was a property dispute not a criminal case   (don’t want you to think I broke the law) .His research, very approachable manner (in no way intimidating) and being  extremely easy to talk to, instantly puts you at ease  knowing he is on your side.

He is very honest, he will tell you once he knows the details if you have a very good chance of winning the case, however if he thinks you probably don’t have the law on your side he will also tell you.

His expertise in negotiation makes everything he explains very understandable even to someone like myself who had really only had maybe a traffic offense. His briefing to us and then presentation to the Court was like something you see on Television or in the movies, absolutely excellent.

In many things in life we ask friends or family members for recommendations. The Law is one area you really need someone who comes highly recommended. If you happen to end up with the wrong Barrister and don’t realise it until well in to your disputed area –you may find it too costly to change so it is important you have the best to begin with.


Below you will find a link to Anthony Mason Chambers Web Site where Alex has his office and a profile on Alex listing all the areas of specialty Law he works in. They probably won’t mean much to you unless you have need of him. Then his qualifications and knowing he comes very highly recommended can be extremely reassuring. I asked Alex to be on Top Spot Online because if ever you have need of his services I feel very confident you will be a very happy.



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