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A&D Medical Blood pressure monitor

Today sees us all far more educated in looking after our health and one thing that is really being pushed home is having ones blood pressure monitored.

In the past it was always something that we usually only had done when we went to the Doctor and for many it still is. Thanks to Blood pressure Education and companies like A & D Medical we can now keep a close eye on our Blood pressure from the comfort of our own home.

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Biovite: Calmagen SkinKalm, FootKalm and NailKalm

Do you have bad skin or nails?
Don’t give up! Now there’s an answer with the new Australian Breakthrough nature based Calmagen Dermaceutical range of products with Amycot.
These new products include:

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Cedel Baby Shampoo

Cedel a family business started in 1932 by leading Australian skin specialist Dr Michael Southwick, whose passion was to formulate the best and kindest formulations for the hair and scalp. The name Cedel is still today synonymous with kind, gentle products and trusted by many generations.
Cedel Baby Shampoo and Cedel Baby Shampoo with Conditioner have been on the Australian market for many years. For today’s parents Cedel's trusted famous Baby Shampoo No Tears formulation is extra gentle, mild and ideal for babies.

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Elastoplast Silverhealing.

Elastoplast Silverhealing is an innovative new range of plasters and dressings that harness the natural antiseptic power of silver to provide wounds with immediately and powerful protection from infection.
Silver has been used for centuries as a natural infection fighter, it promotes the natural wound healing process by destroying and minimising the spread of germs.

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Hope’s Relief Cream


Around 10% of the population suffers from Eczema or Psoriasis, or itchy dry and irritated skin. Hopes Relief Cream may be able to help. Jacqueline Hope a naturopath and the creator of Hopes Relief Cream created this amazing product as well as a shampoo and conditioner.
Hope’s Relief Cream contains organic herbal extracts like Manuka Honey and specific homeopathic ingredients like Licorice Root that contains a compound with Anti-inflammatory properties similar to cortisone yet seemingly free of the unwanted side effects cortisone has, it is cooling relieves itchiness and assists in rapid skin repair. In fact there are no Petrochemicals, colourings, perfumes or any other artificial ingredients to be absorbed into the blood stream. It can be used for all ages and skin types.
Hope’s Relief Cream and Shampoo and Conditioner are available from leading pharmacies. For further information visit

Image result for www.scholl.comSCHOLL FLIGHT SOCKS

A must for the frequent traveller or those who suffer the unwanted 
discomfort of leg or ankle aches and pains.

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Schwarzkopf Re-Nature

Schwarzkopf are proud to announce the launch of their most innovative product yet, Re-Nature it gives grey hair its natural colour back without using a hair colourant. This groundbreaking product is a first in the international arena and is now available on the Australian market.
Step-by-step, Schwazkopf Re-Nature gently and effectively restores your natural hair colour. The process is gradual, allowing you to regain your natural colour at a pace and depth of colour that suits you.

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South Australian Shark Cartilage

South Australian Shark Cartilage, a completely Australian, clean green company, 100% Australian made and owned, the natural Glucosamine for the temporary relief of arthritic pain.
The natural Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulfate formula has been specially developed to help ease pains associated with arthritis, osteoarthrits or rheumatism and to improve mobility.

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Telfast contains ingredients such as Fexofenadine, one of the groups of medicines called antihistamines. It is these antihistamines that relieve the symptoms of hayfever such as sneezing, itchy/watery and red eyes, and itchy blocked or runny nose.
Telfast works by blocking the action of histamine which causes these unwanted effects, its a non sedating antihistamine which means it has been shown not to make you drowsy or slow down your reactions.

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