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A&D Medical Blood pressure monitor

Today sees us all far more educated in looking after our health and one thing that is really being pushed home is having ones blood pressure monitored.

In the past it was always something that we usually only had done when we went to the Doctor and for many it still is. Thanks to Blood pressure Education and companies like A & D Medical we can now keep a close eye on our Blood pressure from the comfort of our own home.

A& D medical have an excellent range some 9 plus Blood Pressure monitors that are all very simple to use just read and follow the directions. A & D have some of the best and latest Blood pressure monitors on the market my favourite is the UA -1030T their best innovation over 30 years. They even have one for those with large upper arms that has an extra- large cuff of 45cm.

I personally suffer with low blood pressure and have had the A& D monitor since I did them on Television during Heart week May 2007. I use mine very regularly particularly during the summer.

A blood pressure monitor is not something that most people would just go and buy for themselves unless like me are aware they need one.  My suggestion is finding Birthday or Christmas gifts that mum and Dad or Brother and Sister or even friends would like and use is always a problem – buy them a blood pressure monitor – they will use it almost guaranteed.

My Sons both have them and use them in their families. If you are unsure ask your doctor possibly even take yours with you so you can know you are reading it correctly .I did mine and he said great he also checks it when I see him.

To Find out more and have a look at the A & D Blood Pressure Monitors available please call 1800 011 112 or visit their web site availability or even buy online.

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