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Pet Projects

Pet Projects have created the brilliant and practical must have convenient POOCh Pouch helping keep our streets, parks and waterways clean.
Many of us love to take our pooch for some much deserved exercise, unfortunately this enjoyable time spent together usually means having to dispose of our dogs unwanted litter. That’s where the POOch Pouch can help, it’s a simple innovative product helping us to be responsible dog owners, by ensuring we never forget those all important plastic bags necessary for cleaning up after our dogs.
The POOch Pouch is a small pouch made from rip stop nylon which securely attaches to your dog’s lead where it can live, ensuring we always 

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Pet Snugs

Pet Snugs are the absolute ultimate for your cats and kittens, the beautifully hand crafted cat beds are made by Marie, the owner of Pet Snugs.
Cats love to be snug and warm, with one of these inviting beds they can curl up in little balls and sleep for hours. Easy to move and you will find once they curl up in their Pet Snugs they will sleep wherever the Pet snug is.
Great for those with kitten when first brining them home, it truly gives them somewhere warm and safe to go to. Pet Snugs also makes travelling a breeze as they easily fit in the cat cage allowing for that purring puss to travel in total comfort and familiar environment.

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Pinklily, is a really top website that has some amazing items- whether its a beautiful gift for a friend, a new belt and bag or a total pamper product for yourself, at Pinklily you'll find those unique, gorgeous quality products not available in regular stores.
For the little ones, the gorgeous princess fund piggy bank, beautiful for your little girl or the starfish bath sensor and water temperature monitor that alerts you to when the bath is full and also tells you the water temperature.

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Prestige Bakeware

A 100% Australian owned company that prides themselves on their premium non-stick bakeware.
Each Prestige Bakeware item has a life time guarantee, with a non-stick surface for healthier cooking and easier cleaning, as well as allowing perfect release every time. With a surface to protect against corrosion, and offers consistent heat distribution.
Prestige Bakeware is ideal for making, cakes, biscuits, quiches, roasts and much more. All labels feature delicious and easy to follow recipes.
Available from all leading kitchen retailers.


Rokset Industries Littlegem Do It Yourself Opal Paint Brushes

Rokset Industries is a South Australian owned and operated company with 82 years plus of expertise in painting products. This has seen Rokset develop this Littlegem range using only superior local and imported materials using the very best technology available.
When needing paint brushes be assured Rokset are the experts in the manufacturing of superior painting products. These Littlegem Do It Yourself Opal brushes are made using new technology synthetic bristles that form a fine tip at the top leaving a superbly smooth finish.

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Ruby Lotus Homewares

Ruby Lotus started as a small shop in a side street in Glenelg nearly 3 years ago and has been trading on Jetty Road for the past 2 years and now has this wonderful new shop on Greenhill Road. The new shop is painted pink with pink floorboards. It is a very girly shop with something for a newborn, to an older clientelle...

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Rudducks Staywell Pet Doors

Staywell Pet Doors allow your pet the freedom to exercise by entering or leaving the home as they need. For us it is a dream no more getting gup to let the dog or cat out, or coming home to find awful messes to clean up.
Staywell Pet Doors are available in a range of sizes to suit both dogs and cats, and are available in a wide range of designs and colours including white, brown and grey. Also available in four sizes, Aluminium framed doors, specially designed for hard working environment and boisterous pets.

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Selleys RP7

Selleys RP7 is a multipurpose lubricating spray that can stop squeaks, loosens rusted or frozen parts, start a wet motor and also protect against rust and corrosion on metal. Selleys RP7 comes to the rescue around the home or when out and about.
Common uses include: loosening rusty taps, sticking metal windows, sliding doors, nuts and bolts, locks, zippers and bike chains. Also excellent for silencing squeaking doors, chairs and wheels, protecting gardening tools, outdoor furniture, mowers, sports equipment, car doors and batteries, against rust and corrosion.

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Sip’n Save

Sip’n Save is Australia’s largest liquor group of around 200 independent hotels, offering some of the best food, entertainment, accommodation and of course, beer, wine and spirits.
From Adelaide to Perth and Newman to Broken Hill, there is a 

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Soft Screens AustraliaSoft Screens

Soft screens- are inexpensive attractive fly and insect screen that are frameless, all you do is press and fix the flyscreens to your existing frame.
Australian owned Softscreens – are a brilliant alternative to traditional Flyscreens

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