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My family researched everything to do with safety when expecting their first child and chose the Angelcare monitor for both their children, we as the grandparents also had our own set. The peace-of-mind that comes from knowing that if there is a problem, you will know about it within 20 seconds.
We used ours until they went into their own big bed .I remember hearing this piecing sound and raced into the nursery, my granddaughter had learnt how to put the side down and climb out of the cot ,meaning there was no movement and we were alerted. To us as Grandparents having experienced firsthand the brilliance of Angelcare’s sound and movement monitor gave us such reassurance when having the little ones. 
The majority of Angelcare monitors combines a quality sound monitor and a movement monitor in a single system meaning parents or grandparents can hear every comforting sound and detect every movement baby makes. 
Angelcare under the mattress sensor pad detects all breathing movement, whether your baby is awake or sound asleep. It simply slips under the mattress and connects to the nursery unit. If at any time no movement is detected for 20 seconds an alarm will sound so you can take appropriate action. Units have multiple channels to minimise interference, AC mains operated and battery backup is available on most models .The ones featured on our baby commercial were the AC 701 and the AC1100 which also has a day and night vision infrared camera and LCD Touchscreen. 
Angelcare comes in a variety of systems, sound only monitor, movement only monitor, sound and movement, and sound and movement with video, and sound and video.  
Angelcare has won numerous awards around the world in design and innovation, and is available from all good nursery outlets including David Jones, Myer. For further information visit and select the one most suited to your needs. 
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