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The Easiest Way To Bath A Baby





Bath Aid

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Bath Aid is a product we introduced on Top Spot television as a 10 out of 10 product for babies. I approached Bath Aid to be on Top Spot Online as our recommendations on the product remain the same today. It is an item that in my opinion every mum with a new baby should have. So Simple, so affordable, and yet so great. 
Bathing new babies for the first few times on your own for many  can be a little daunting I can actually remember that feeling from many years ago – before products like Bath Aid were available . My family have all used Bath Aid on the children when they were small it really makes bathing baby an enjoyable time for both parents and babies.
Under constant adult supervision, Bath Aid is the easier more relaxing way to bath your it contours to babies body helping hold babies head above water, allowing parents to bath baby with both hands. The Bath Aid is very versatile and can be used in the family bath, baby bath, and kitchen sink or laundry tub and can support their little bodies on their tummy or back, it is also a dream for shampoo time, as it helps with no more tears when washing babies’ hair.
Additional Terry Cloth covers are available and easy to wash simply remove from the frame and wash by hand or machine for best results place the terry cloth onto frame while still damp and allow to dry.
The Bath Aid can be used until babies sit safely between 5-9 months depending on the child and can be used to wash older babies’ hair.
There are so many items available these days for babies some very expensive – The bath aid is a simple must have item that is so affordable. Buy one for your own baby or as a gift for a friend you can almost guarantee it will be used.Available at all Baby Bunting stores or online 
Bath Aid is very affordable and available online at or call Judith on 0408 166 765 to order 
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