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Coonawarra Lavender

Family owned and operated Coonawarra Lavender, are totally 100% committed to hand making their all natural, rich and luxurious skincare range right here in Australia.
Coonawarra lavender has the absolute best skincare, bodycare and bath time range you're likely to try and it’s conveniently available online.
Made using all natural and organic ingredients, makes it suitable for all skin types including those with eczema and yes is ideal for babies’ delicate sensitive skin.
Their gorgeous mum and baby range includes Precious Bundle Baby Care cream containing soothing chamomile and healing calendula for nappy rash, cradle cap, dry skin and minor rashes.
Relax a Bub Massage and Bath Oil, cold pressed sweet almond oil nourishes skin while the mandarin and lavender helps your baby relax.
Nighty Night Bubbles is a sodium lauryl sulphate free gel that washes and prepares bubs for a good nights sleep.
Sleepytime Bedroom Spray contains calming chamomile and lavender to aid sleep, whilst mandarin helps an overstimulated mind switch off.
Tummy Tamer contains spearmint and ginger essential oils to settle a queasy tummy, simply rub onto your pulse points or inhale great for morning sickness and for kids suffering travel sickness.
Mum's Tummy Lotion, high in shea butter for improved skin elasticity helping prevent stretch marks throughout and after pregnancy.
Also try their personal insect repellant, lavender; citronella and eucalyptus create an effective repellent against annoying insects.
The complete Coonawarra Lavender range is available from
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