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A&D Medical Instant Read Ear Thermometer

A&D has been manufacturing quality health care products for over 20 years and are committed to providing you, and your family with monitoring devices, that are designed specifically for high accuracy and ease of use.
Made using the latest technology and to the highest of standards, the Instant Read Ear Thermometer is just so easy to use and offers a safe, accurate and quick way to take a temperature measurement through the ear.
The waterproof thermometer tip is gently inserted into the ear and slowly moved in a circular motion for 1 to 2 seconds, the result is then shown in as little as 1 second.
Utilising infrared thermo scanning principles, it scans the temperature of the human eardrum, which is not easily influenced by the changing temperature in the environment, providing an accurate indicator of internal body temperature.
This is an especially convenient method of taking a child’s temperature, easy, safe and comfortable, allowing you to also easily and regularly take their temperature while they sleep, its also perfect for adults too.
The A&D Medical Instant Read Ear Thermometer has a long battery life, comes with a hard shell carry case for easy storage and a 12 month warranty from Chemplus and other selected pharmacies. For more information call 1800 011 112 or visit 
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