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Brita Water Filter on Tap System 

You cannot go past Brita for simplicity, ease of use, effectiveness and affordability. It is the ultimate filter for performance and value.
It simply screws on to the end of your tap, no tools and no plumber needed.
You then flick the lever to select tap water or filtered water the little electronic monitor will tell you if the filter is still goog or if it needs changing. To change the filter simply press the button and out it pops and then click in the new one.
It removes 99.99% Cryptosporidium and Gardia, 99% Chlorine sediment, lead and many more impurities, but it leaves in the important trace minerals.
It’s priced from around $75.00 and the filter lasts up to 4 months or 375 litres, costing you less than 8 cents a litre or under $2.00 a week.
Brita Water Filter systems are available from Kmart, Target, Big W, Myer, David Jones, Bunnings, Coles and Woolworths.
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